Saving animals in the Netherlands


  • 2023
  • Netherlands

AniFleet is a SaaS made for rescuing animals in the Netherlands, where animal ambulances are a common sight. Prior to AniFleet there was no central system to track all of the wildlife incidents. When an injured animal is found by a person, they know to contact their local animal ambulance. Unfortunately this can be a difficult and long process, as they are often driven by volunteers and cannot be available 24/7.

This is where AniFleet comes in. It offers widgets for veterinary practices to place on their website where someone can report an injured animal. AniFleet then checks which ambulances are available locally and automatically dispatches them to the scene.

Building this platform and the website in front of me was an eye-opening experience. I learned a lot about local animal ambulances and I hope to continue to build on this wonderful piece of software.

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