Guest Hospitality


  • 2020 -
  • Haarlem, Netherlands

At the heart of my portfolio is my extensive work with GuestCompass, where I have designed and engineered a comprehensive hospitality CMS from the ground up. This project, developed over the last four years, exemplifies my dedication to creating not just software, but complete ecosystems that cater to the nuanced needs of the hospitality industry.

The first image highlights the webpage builder I've created, which allows hotel administrators to effortlessly manage content across their web app. With a focus on usability, the interface is clean and organized, featuring a drag-and-drop editor for elements such as text, buttons, and photo sliders, ensuring that hotel staff can customize their guest interface with ease.

The second image displays the sitemap management system I've implemented, showcasing the web app's structure at a glance. It allows for quick edits and updates to various dynamic pages made by the hotel's staff.

The third image reveals the sophisticated media management tool I've developed, which streamlines the process of uploading, editing, and managing images. This tool supports various image formats and sizes, making it simple for hotels to maintain an up-to-date and visually appealing digital presence. Images are automatically stored in AWS S3, cropped on demand with AWS Lambda, and served with AWS CloudFront.

Finally, the fourth image illustrates the robust guest management system that enables real-time tracking of room statuses, check-ins, and check-outs, delivering critical operational data at a glance. This feature is designed to maximize efficiency in managing guest flow and ensuring that hotel operations run smoothly.

Through each aspect of GuestCompass, I've woven in scalability, performance, and a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every interaction point is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust. My role in developing GuestCompass has not only been about building a product but also about crafting a versatile tool that enhances the hospitality experience for guests and streamlines operations for providers.

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